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The Mercedes Benz X-Class Uncovered

Few announcements had been made over the German brand’s latest, most daring development. Now, three days after a presentation of its new pickup in South Africa, we got to see things clearer than before.

“The world’s first true premium pickup”: one sentence that hits hard and maintains what the three-pointed star brand aspire to be. The X-class project established a hybrid structure along with a heavy-duty soldier and a recreational player. So far, this model is giving us the signals to be able of domaining the off-road segment and still being as fine as only a Mercedes-Benz can.

A powerful concept that fusions together a luxury design with the high-end mechanics and safety that an imposing pickup truck should have. In few words, the best of many worlds.

Something that we would describe as an encounter of the third kind in terms of exoticness. With three options (Power, Progressive, Pure), each one is differentiated by the precise yet special need they cover.

High-End Comfort                                        

This is a Mercedes Benz, so it should feel like one in every single aspect. From high-quality finished materials to a series of well-thought elements that have been widely tested thanks to a modular strategy.

Even the Power model with its 19-inch wheels, Mercedes-Benz crafted an X-class special utility format, which feels very comfortable and supportive for the passengers inside, keeping the experience intact.

The interior room divided into five spots is highly customizable. It can have three types of decorative trim (glossy black, aluminum and wood effect), six different upholstery (two to choose from for each finish), and two interior colors for the ceiling.

Innovation at Its Finest

The initial offer of engines at the time of release will count with both gasoline and diesel four-cylinder options. The 4MATIC all-wheel-drive layout is also available, as expected, and with a remarkable 50:50 axle torque distribution.

As it was mentioned before, the X-class is somehow of an hybrid-stylized pickup truck. So, in the following lines, we will try to describe the origin and purpose of a new concept, one defined by innovation.

We know that the X-class emerged from a partnership between the German Mercedes-Benz and the Japanese carmaker we all know: Nissan. This collaboration was considered since the very beginning as an optimistic move for both companies.

The main reason we see for this partnership is the experience and knowledge that Nissan can provide in the pickup field, having a few of the best models in the market. Now, the second obvious reason is the time that could be saved, creating a relatively more accessible product to the customers.

Back in March 2015, Mercedes-Benz first presented the X Concept and since then, the attention to it has been remarkable. The excitement has been going up and down as a roller coaster.

So far, everything we have received has been just words. Considering this, the latest announcement is something to appreciate. However, the real question to ask is that if the expectations could transform into something more than hype.


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