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The Drive behind the Popularity of Electric Cars in Australia

For decades the thought of electric cars whizzing along highways and byways seemed like a scene that would only exist in movies such as TRON. Well, this ‘fantasy world’ as it seemed has become a reality based on the fact that the majority of vehicles that will be on most roads across the globe will be electricity powered vehicles within the next 20 years. The drivers behind this gradual, but certain change is attributed to multiple variables which include the performance of these vehicles in terms of speed and range which are far cries from the first electric cars that were released. The first generations of electric cars were not just slow, but they were also underpowered. Apart from that, the first electric cars were also plagued with range issues as they lacked the battery capacity for long trips. The premium price tags were not any help which only further undermined the interest in these cars who stuck to their much more reliable, affordable and practical petrol or diesel vehicles. That was more than a decade ago, fast forward to current times; these cars have been improved on tremendously due to the advancements of technology. The most recent electric cars, such as the ones released by Tesla are able to travel distances of up to 500 miles on a single charge at high speeds that match up to the fanciest petrol powered sport cars.

The revolution is rapidly gaining popularity in Australia due to a variety of reasons as well. To start off, the support extended by the Australian government in terms of tariff reductions and industry revamp cannot be overlooked. The Australian government has made it evident that they intend to phase-out gasoline vehicles and follow in the footsteps of UK and France that intend to establish all-electric roads by 2040. These intentions by governments are based on the current environmental issues being faced by the entire world (global warming, climate change and pollution among others), from an entirely different perspective (the consumer’s) the reasons include the fancy designs of these cars, their power, features, price and last but not least their much lower maintenance which translates to a significant level of cost savings.   

These cars are able to travel the same distance for a fraction of the fuel price that a driver needs to fill. Australians have already started using these cars for special events such as tournaments, contests, advertising and even private functions such as wedding. These cars are already available for rent at some Australian car-for-hire outfits at competitive prices. Australians in general have a refined and renewed interest in electric cars mainly due to the changing perception of automobile preferences among younger consumers who actually do have regards for both the natural environment and style. Coupled with the affordability of these savvy vehicles, it’s a market boom that is just waiting to happen which disregards ‘if’ as what remains now is ‘when’.   Ballpark figure – 5 years – no more!

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