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Tesla Roadster 2020 Prototype

Breaking Barriers: The TESLA Roadster 2020

0 – 100 kph in 1.9 seconds and a quarter mile in just under 9 seconds (8.9). Top those characteristics off with a 400+ KPH top speed that could travel for 1000km range. Nope, we are not talking about Cheetahs; they accelerate 0 to 100KPH in 3 seconds and do not have the stamina to travel 1000km in a single charge!

Neither are we talking about a fossil fuel burning or gas guzzling automobile! We are talking about Tesla’s genuine electric car, the first of its kind (albeit still a prototype) – The Tesla Roadster. It looks like the beginning of the end for fossil fuel burning cars as Tesla’s Roadster rolled out from its production line – an utter smack-down for the fossil fuel industry that is dependent on the automobile industry for revenue.

Tesla Motors has been nothing less than innovative and imaginative towards designing this completely electric powered four-seater sports car. According to sources, the Tesla 2020 Roadster will be hitting the markets by as soon as next year and although the price might be a little steep, the fact that other manufacturers will follow suit soon enough will ensure that prices of electric powered motor vehicles will be spiralling downwards 2020 onwards.

Designer Franz Holzhausen left no holds barred in coming up with the design using exclusivity for the Roadster. Classified as a sports car/ Grand Tourer (S), the triple motor (one front, two rear) all-wheel drive vehicle performs thus far as expected without a hitch. The 200kWh (720 MJ) battery allows the roadster to travel for about 1000KM before running out of juice making it a much better option for travel compared to conventional vehicles.

Retail prices for the Tesla Roadster 2020 are expected to be upwards of $200,000 USD and Tesla’s sales unit are eager to take on the entire traditional automobile industry with the competitive convertible Tesla Roadster that is expected to give Toyota, VW and other high end brands such as Ferrari and Porsche a run for their money!

However, unlike most car purchases, the Roadster’s sale began in 2017 in the form of ‘pre-orders’ ( well-founded risk mitigation strategy to test the market’s response). The requirement was nothing less than a US$50,000 deposit plus a referral promotion program to boot that allowed the referrer to accumulate discounts and reduce the end price of their Roadsters (those who manage to refer 55 clients who end up paying deposits will result in a 100% rebate toward their Roadster purchase.

No other auto manufacturer has ever attempted to do so making the Roadster 2020 not just environment friendly, but also ‘driver money friendly’. As mentioned the prices for the base model is expected to be around US $200,000, however for the initial 1,000 units that will be produced tagged as ‘Founder’s Series’ will be marked-up to $250,000. As for the latter vehicle, full payment is required even before the first screws for the car is put in place.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla threw in some takeaways about the roadster and some of which worth mentioning involving the “Space X option package” for the Roadster include the part about 10 cold gas thrusters that would substantially improve manoeuvrability. It basically involves an electric pump that will flow compressed air via propelling nozzles that generate a cold jet thrust. These features or elements are also found in the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets.

The Roadster basically breaks long standing barriers with regards to performance stats and it is set to outperform the supercars that were rolled out as recently as 2017. It Tesla moves quickly enough on this trajectory, it should come as no surprise when giants such as Toyota and VW go the way of the dodo.

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