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A Farewell to the American Giant: No More Dodge Viper Production

As sad as it can get, the rumours about FCA shutting down completely their Dodge Viper production, result to be true.
This legendary sample of brute auto-mobile force is now getting far from all those who always aspired of getting one after a firmed UAW contract ended the production that this model had for 25 years.

Why Was The Decision Made?

The reason for this movement from FCA is explained by its CEO Sergio Machionne in the first weeks of this year, saying that the Viper was made only for love; it resisted some financial issues and still was preserved by the company.

But right now, this decision was the impulse of economic analysis and low priority from FCA group. They assure that with a vehicle like this and with a special yet tiny customer base, the model can’t simply survive right now to the profit potential that other mainstream segments have. Last year, the Viper only got 630 units sold while having an 80 people crew making this monster, being the smallest factory from FCA.

History Behind the Fire-Breathing Vehicle

The beginning of the Dodge Viper was settled by placing it in a “white space”, a term used by the industry to describe a market where there’s no actual competition. Now in the present, with a bunch of efficient and powerful two-seat sports cars, the situation forces the brand to do some unfortunate changes.

With the support of 77 percent from UAW members, an important cycle has closed in the auto-mobile history, with the end of the V-10 sports car and the vision in something a little bit different.

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