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Silverstone: Hamilton One Point Away from Vettel

After heavy rains in the Silverstone Grand Prix classification, in which Lewis Hamilton qualified first, the main race was held and it was no disappointment as Hamilton was able to achieve his fifth title in his native country’s race track.

His teammate, Valtteri Bottas, finished in second place ahead of Kimi Raikkonen who, due to tire problems in the final laps, was forced to enter the pits, wasting valuable time.

In the meantime, the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel had to settle for the seventh position, because one of his tires suffered a puncture in the same way that happened to Raikkonen. Most of the events were caused by a strategy executed by Ferrari, one that definitely did not come out as thought.

Thanks to this new victory for Hamilton, the competition has become tougher than ever as only one point separates him from the first place, which is currently occupied by Sebastian Vettel. In the third position, we have Valtteri Bottas with only 9 points from the second position and, in the fourth seat, there is is Daniel Ricciardo. Everything indicates that the first three will be fighting with fire and blood for the Formula One championship.

A Nightmare for Alonso and Sainz

The Spaniards spent a sad afternoon as Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz had to leave the race. Alonso got out of the track due to a problem with the petrol pump, which was notified to him after his retirement, and for a change of tires that weren’t appropriate for the Silverstone track.

Carlos Sainz stayed out because of a poor play made by his own teammate Daniil Kvyat, who after a few curves at the beginning the race made the clue after closing to the right side, thereby causing them to withdraw from the competition

Grand Prix of Hungary: A Must-See

Everything looks like the Hungarian Grand Prix will be one of the most exciting races of the year.

With only one point from defining who will be first in the ongoing Formula One Championship, the Hungaroring circuit is getting ready to experience the event that will define the winner, a race track known for its challenging curves.

It will definitely be an impressive race. Hamilton and Vettel are still in the fight to see who get more world titles in the past decade. Nevertheless, who knows if a surprise takes place and Raikkonen is crowned, a seasoned pilot who has not won a championship in more than 10 years, or if Bottas, who is young and talented, manages to overcome his mentor, Lewis Hamilton.

The Formula One races are always full of surprises. So, it becomes so hard to predict the final outcome. While many think that Vettel’s career is over after the last years’ deceptions with the public, Hamilton doesn’t stop growing as a talented pilot.


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